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Anonymous asked
Hey, soo my computer doesnt like me pressing links (including things like full screening) and the chat was really awkward when those people were dissing their parents and it made me really uncomfortable, so im sorry i left!

sorry non! I normally don’t pay too much attention to the chat unless they’re talking to me, but I’ll make sure to monitor it more from now one. Sorry again :(

Anonymous asked
how much are commissions?

the cheapo slots were filled and finished so it’s back to regular pricing. there’s a link to the commissions page in my side bar if you’re interested, non.

Anonymous asked

well non, i like to sleep because i like to dreeeaaam

Anonymous asked
Dat creature be me

well u best gtfo cos i get cranky when im rly tired

Anonymous asked
flan, do you have any acnl couples you admire?? like ships? any otps????

uuuuh like mayor stuff? or the villagers ?? cos i dont…rly know of any mayoral ships in the community

evancrossing asked
flan flan flan ok i had the best/worst/most catstrophic idea ever. here we go. APPLE. WEARING. THOSE APPLE BOTTOM JEANS. AND THE BOOTS WITH THE FUR